Interdisciplinary Solutions LLC, Panalysis' parent company is available for private consultation. Among the areas that could benefit from our expertise are:

Private Sector

Pharmaceutical interventions are a key component in the fight against upper respiratory pandemics like the Avian Flu. Among needed interventions are vaccines, antivirals, and antibiotics to fight secondary infections.



Let us help to quantify

  • Supplies, support, distribution channels, and the associated costs of an effective vaccine strategy.
  • Potential ROI in terms of both lives and costs saved through use of vaccines



Let us help you to quantify

  • The potential ROI in terms of both lives and costs saved with respect to stockpile sizes
  • Economic benefits to hospitals and for the workforce through reduction of hospital length-of-stay (LOS) and time-sick reductions through use of anti-viral therapies



Let us help you to quantify

  • Quantities and types of antibiotics needed to fight secondary infections during a pandemic



Let us help you to:

  • Manage patient surge during a pandemic
  • Create a hospital pandemic response plan that is strategically, economically and operationally sound
  • Quantify your supply, logistics, space, equipment and staffing needs during a pandemic


Equipment and Device Manufacturers

  • Ventilators, monitors and other key pieces of equipment will be in short-supply during a severe pandemic
  • Large quantities of disposables will also be needed to support the incoming patient surge
  • Let us help you to better understand the potential need and market for disposables, devices and key pieces of equipment during a pandemic


Suppliers to Hospitals

Today's just-in-time inventory systems are calibrated for steady demand rates. Let us help you to:

  • Prepare for a pandemic-based shock to the supply system
  • Understand prior to a pandemic
    • What will be needed
    • Who will need it
    • Where it will be needed
    • When it will be needed


Insurance/Managed Care

Let us help you to better understand:

  • Potential casualty and fatality levels and the cost of medical interventions
  • The effectiveness of current pandemic mitigation and response strategies in use by local, state and federal governments as well as alternative strategies


Public Sector


Effective pandemic mitigation and response strategies require the coordination by and support of local, state and federal governments. Panalysis is scalable. Not only can macro data inputs produce macro snapshots of regions but also through customization, individual hospital data can be added together to build macro snapshots with granularity down to individual hospital size.

Through this approach, customized versions of Panalysis can help governments determine shortage levels that are beyond the reach of hospitals in order to create augmented and coordinated pandemic response plans.

We can help federal, state and local governments to:

  • Create a pandemic mitigation and response plan that is coordinated with hospitals in their region of responsibility
  • Quantify the costs and quantities of supplies, staff and space needed to mitigate and respond to a pandemic
  • Provide cost benefit analyses of current and alternate pandemic response strategies
  • Determine how many auxiliary triage clinics will be needed and where they should be located



Public Health Departments at all levels of government fill a key role in planning for and responding to potential pandemics.

Let us help to:

  • Project casualty and fatality rates
  • Determine requisite supply, equipment, bed and staffing needs
  • Create mitigation and response plans that are operationally feasible
  • Project ROI in terms of costs and lives saved from different mitigation and response strategies and compare different strategies and combinations of strategies against each other



A global pandemic would not discriminate as to location, whether are troops are deployed or at home. The pandemic threat could impact readiness worldwide.

Let us help to create an operationally sound mitigation and response plan to minimize a pandemic's impact on readiness that includes:

  • Projections of absenteeism impact by rank, branch of service, MOS, duty station and number of personnel affected
  • Requisite supplies needed for effective vaccination and anti-viral programs worldwide
  • Requisite supply, equipment, bed and staffing needs in military hospitals at home and abroad


Homeland Security

Our country's borders and the internal safety of our nation is more easily protected during times of stability. A pandemic would likely represent a destabilizing and chaotic event for the nation.

Let us help to minimize the impact of a pandemic to keep our country secure and safe.


"Through use of such scenario-driven analyses the user can develop different response strategies for different pandemic scenarios."

--- From "Panalysis: New Spreadsheet-Based Tool for Pandemic Planning"

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