Panalyisis can be customized for a broad range of applications for a wide array of organizations

Sample customizations that can be built into Panalysis include:

  • Custom length epidemiological curves (6 months, 1 year, 2 years, or however long is desired
  • Supply and equipment lists that estimate quantities and costs
  • Instant measurement of the differences between different response/mitigation strategies and combinations of different response/mitigation strategies in terms of supply, costs, hours worked, economic losses, etc.
  • Cost of personnel
  • Additional staff types
  • Decision making tools for staff scheduling
  • Additional triage capacity requirement tools by quantity, cost and optimal location
  • Cancellation of elective surgeries by type
  • Economic loss calculators for elective surgery cancellations
  • Volunteer cost and requirement tools to include increased use of volunteers and volunteer functionality measurements
  • Increased staff functionality and augmentation tools
  • Increased pandemic-effects diagnostic tools such as additional breakdowns by fatality rate
  • Increased ability to simultaneously model multiple waves of different magnitudes and lengths

......and more

Brand customization available to give Panalysis the look and feel of your organization

We can brainstorm with you or your organization to customize Panalysis for your specific needs.

"Some of the additional features in development include a user-customizable supply module which includes supply costs and a staff scheduling module that includes staffing costs and estimates overtime costs."

--- From "Panalysis: New Spreadsheet-Based Tool for Pandemic Planning"

-- Panalysis offers a suite of customizable charts and graphics that link into our core data and into the totality our results which allow users to visually display quantitative information through pro-forma methods.

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